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A commitment to quality meat & service

Breakout River calls Cowra NSW home. Cowra is nestled on the banks of the Lachlan River just down stream from Wyangala Dam which is the storage dam for the river system. Cowra is a farming community boasting some of Australia’s best agricultural land. It has a large area under vineyards with some wonderful wines grown there. It can boast that it has some of Australia’s best lambs and cattle produced there. Breakout River uses the brand names: Cowra Lamb – Watervale Beef & Chiverton Pork.

Breakout River Pty Ltd was started by Chris Cummins in December 2005 and went into business in April 2006 after months of preparation. Breakout River then became a partner in Cowra Meat Processors and was the main drive behind getting the closed plant at Cowra operational again. The Cowra plant had gone into liquidation in August 2006 and resumed production in March 2007 with Breakout River Meats as its biggest customer.

Breakout River has a commitment to quality meat with quality service. The buying team is headed by Chris Cummins with over 35 years’ livestock buying experience. It is the company policy that we buy the best possible livestock available and have it dressed in the best possible manner. Our commitment is to our customers and we want our customers’ customers to get good quality meat every day. People should be able to get a consistent quality product 52 weeks of the year and we work hard at trying to achieve that goal.

Our meat has a longer shelf life than our competitors because of our killing and chilling process that allows for a long bleed time and ideal refrigeration in our ample chiller space. There are 12 big chillers in the plant with never any need to push hot meat onto cold meat as does happen in other plants because of the lack of chiller space. Our product is loaded and delivered well below minimum temperature requirement, which is essential for shelf life longevity and freshness of product.

The name Breakout River came from the photo of two horses racing down the Lachlan River and Cowra’s famous history of the Japanese prisoner of war breakout in world war 2. Breakout being the Japanese Breakout and River being the Lachlan RiverIt is where our logo comes from also.

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