Breakout River

Matt Pollard


Lamb Salesperson

Living in COWRA my whole life must mean it is a very special place to call home and start a family of my own. I have been with Breakout River since the business began in 2006 as the general manager. I am very proud of this. My experience in the Meat Industry started when I sixteen years of age. I have been at the same premises for around 23 years in which I started from the very bottom to now being general manager for BREAKOUT RIVER these years have given me the chance to have knowledge in all aspects of the meat industry.

During the time I have spent in this industry I have made a lot of great friends and continue to meet and speak with new people every day.

I am very proud of my position in Breakout River. I have a great team around me which helps get that excellent piece of meat from the paddock to the plate consistently whether it’sCOWRA LAMB, WATERVALE BEEF or CHIVERTON PORK.

After a hard day’s work making sure our customers are given the best service I can offer I go home to our property just out of Cowra to my wife Kirsty my three boys Izaak ,Toby, Kelsey and my little girl Charlee.

I have many interests out of work including spending time with friends and family, having a nice cold beer. I love camping and enjoy Rugby League (Go the Tigers) and also enjoy motorsports.

I look forward to continuing to work for BREAKOUT RIVER for many more years to come while ever the small local butchers are around there will always be BREAKOUT RIVER.