Breakout River

Karl Lanham

Pork Salesperson

I’m a country boy, born and breed.  I have been on the land all my life and have strong roots to the land and its way of life. My family and I have travelled to many countries around the world from Africa, Asia and Europe and nothing gives you more satisfaction then coming home to our property in Cowra.

My journey in the Meat Industry came I guess when I was a young boy living and working on the land at Gunning NSW, but getting involved in Meat Sales some 23 years ago has had its challenges and rewards over the years.

My parents,from an early age instilled in me, strong values of trust, a hard working ethic and a passion for what you do. These very strong family values I now pass on to my three girls, who have love of the land as I do, through it’s tough times as well as its good ones.

Since the start of our company Breakout River Meats 8 years ago I have never been prouder of what we have achieved in the Meat Industry. I say our company because it like a family (my second one), with everyone from the Livestock Buyers to the Slaughtermen to the Office staff and we Salesmen working together to produce superior quality products for our valued customers.

I control our pig operation from the buying to the sales, and have been involved in this game for 19 years. I am very proud of the strong relationship that I have with my pig growers, who produce the most consistent and best quality pork in the country. Their dedication to producing quality pigs makes my job very easy.  Making sure we keep our Australian pig industry profitable and able to grow is very important to not only me, but the whole community. The relationship and importance between our producers, us and our customers is vital, it’s a big cog and with one piece missing the wheel doesn’t turn.

We are a family here at Breakout River and that reflects in the pride of quality we are able to offer our customers. I look forward to spending a lot more time with my Breakout River family in the future.