Breakout River

Chris Cummins

Managing Director

Livestock Buyer

‘For everything you gain you lose something’ When you give something your best shot, you lose a little part of you in some way. Breakout River has a part of me in it and it’s because of that, it will always be my goal to makes sure it’s the best it can be.

I have spent 38 years buying livestock and working in the meat industry and I often think I could have picked something easier to do. It’s an industry that you never stop learning in and if anyone is smug enough to think they know it all, they will eventually have the rug pulled from under them. It’s an industry that just keeps throwing another problem at you every day. One day, I would like to not have any emotions about the weather and not worry about the season or if it rains or not.

Breakout River Meats owns Cowra Meat Processors and is vertically integrated with our farming business to make sure that we can supply great products to our customers. It’s all about making sure our products are the best they can be. You can’t take short cuts in life if you want to have the best or be the best, it’s about a pride and passion for quality. Australia is a harsh country and there is a difficulty in the seasonal changes to having a great product 52 weeks of the year. Our promise is that our product is the best product available no matter what the season has thrown at us.

We care about our customers, we care about our producers and we care about our employees because every good business has great people in and around it. Anyone running any company that thinks they are the most important people in the business are doomed to being mediocre. We think of ourselves as just small cogs in the big wheel and without great employees, suppliers and customers, we haven’t got a business to run.

I have a great business partner in my wife Sally and she has always stood beside me, no matter what, even when it looks like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. We live at Cowra, have three sons and are country people through and through. We live the seasons, the heat, the cold, the floods and the droughts and understand that living in the bush has its hardships and it’s good times. It’s a life that is not understood by people who have never lived in the bush and the sense of fulfillment in life it gives you.