Breakout River

Cowra Lamb

Breakout River Meats calls Cowra home which is situated along the banks of the Lachlan River at the head of the Lachlan Valley which is classed as one of the most fertile valleys in the world. Lambs produced in the Cowra region have the reputation of being the best lambs in Australia. The genetics in the breeding are second to none. Put with that the ideal pastures and fodder crops grown in the region make for Cowra Lamb to have the qualifications to boast this title.

The buying team is headed up by Chris Cummins with over 35 years experience in buying quality lambs for the domestic market where conformation and weight are so important. Breakout River has a great relationship with many producers that consistently grow good quality lambs.

Our aim has always been to buy the best lamb available so that our customers are getting a quality product every week of the year. We want our customers to have customers who walk through their shop door every week and ask for more of that Cowra Lamb. Our product is dressed exceptionally, always chilled down with no variation in temperature and each lamb is marked for each individual customer. Our shop life is also credited with being the longest in the industry.

Matt Pollard heads up the sales team. Matt has over 20 years working with retail customers and making sure they get what they want. Most wholesalers are happy with near enough. At Breakout River, near enough is no where near enough and we strive to be the best we can be at whatever we do.

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