Breakout River

Chiverton Pork

The Best Pork Money Can Buy

Breakout River Meats have gone to great lengths to secure the best pig producers in the Central West of NSW to supply our customers. Our pigs are hormone and growth promotant free. They are grain fed with 100% Australian grown grain. We have built a lasting relationship with those producers so that 52 weeks of the year we can supply the best pork products on the market. Our pig growers are seasoned producers. Their attention to producing perfect pigs with full flavorsome, tender sweet and juicy pork is why our Cowra Sweet Pork is consistently in demand.

Due to Australia’s strict quarantine and quality assurance programs, our pork is the cleanest (Parasites) and best in the world. Our bacon and hams made from Australian grown pigs are a taste delight. Try and go to a supermarket and buy bacon made from Australian pigs. You can’t! It’s all made from subsidised pork from Canada, America & Denmark and is very ordinary.

Karl Lanham heads the pork section and has over 20 years experience in the industry. Karl has a close relationship with his growers and knows the hardships they are going through with high grain prices and pork imports with no tariffs. Australian growers are going out of business and we need to promote our home grown pork products.

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